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Child Support

Do you owe child support and find yourself in circumstances now where you are unable to pay what the court has ordered? Don't just ignore the problem and think it'll eventually fix itself. Your failure to pay as ordered will result in a never-ending accrual of arrears with interest, on-going threats from the other side to have you held in contempt and perhaps even felony prosecution! Contact me immediately to find out what your options are and to see what I can do to protect you and, perhaps, lower your monthly support.

Child Custody

Is your child in danger of being put in a potentially harmful setting every time he or she goes to visit his or her other parent? Are you afraid that your child is being abused when placed with his or her other parent, perhaps at the hands of a live-in girl or boy friend? There are steps you can and should take, but you must be very careful and strictly follow the law. I can tell you what all of your options are, so don't be afraid to ask; I'll be happy to consult with you for free by e-mail and/or telephone.

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Paternity cases can be started in different ways. Usually, the state child-support enforcement people will file a paternity case naming the mother and the man she claims is the father as respondents.This normally happens when a pregnant woman or a woman who has a fatherless baby applies for public benefits. Of course, a pregnant woman may also petition for a judicial determination of paternity. Any man who is a responsible enough adult who wants to do the right thing may also seek to establish his paternity of a fatherless child he suspects is his. If you're a man who has been named as a respondent in a paternity action, or if you would like to establish that you are the father of a child, you would be very wise to hire me to represent you - there are strict time limits and other legal requirements that must be observed, or you can end up permanently paying support for a child who is not yours if you don't know what you're doing (it's not fair at all, but that's the way our laws have come to work over time)! The process normally starts and ends in bigger counties before an assistant family court commissioner. If custody cannot be agreed on between the two parents (after paternity is established), then the matter may be certified to the judge for the appointment of a guardian ad litem to investigate and advocate for the baby's best interests.

The scientific determination of paternity itself is simple: DNA mouth swabs are taken from the man who is suspected of being the baby's biological father and the baby after the baby is born. The results are generally treated as conclusive for purposes of determining whether he is the biological father. In a case where DNA results come back with results indicating there is a high chance that the man is the father, but he disputes it, he may ask the court to allow him to present independent DNA test results, witnesses and any other evidence he can to show that he cannot be the father (i.e., medical records proving that he had a successful vasectomy performed before the conceptive period). If DNA test results indicate that he is likely not the biological father, he is dismissed out of the case for good and the process continues with the mother's duty to name any other men with whom she had sexual intercourse during the conceptive period (I've had cases before where the mom named an unbelievably high number of other men!).

Based in Milwaukee, I have many years of trial-litigation experience in both the circuit court and juvenile-court systems all over southeastern and south-central Wisconsin successfully helping good people come out ahead of legal problems resulting from unexpected births, divorces and other family-law concerns. Monthly payment plans available. Free, confidential e-mail and telephone consultations. I accept family law cases throughout southeast Wisconsin, including (but not limited to) the following counties: Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine.

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Wills - "Living Wills" - Power of Attorney for Health Care

If you pass away without having a validly-executed Will in place, the government will dictate how your property gets distributed to your survivors. If you just don't care where your stuff goes after you die, then that's fine. However, if you have it in mind that you might like certain things that belong to you go to certain people or charities you love or care for after you pass on, then it's worth looking into having even a simple, inexpensive will drafted. And beware all the Will "kits" offered for sale out there for $20 to $50; despite how they are advertised, they are not "one-size-fits-all" generic forms that necessarily comport with the laws made and provided which govern the drafting and execution of valid wills recognized and enforced by Wisconsin courts. It is always far better to have a competent attorney who is licensed in your state draft these types of instruments for you.

And what if you have a terminal illness, are in a motor-vehicle accident and find yourself in a coma some unfortunate day? (It can happen to anybody!) Do you want feeding tubes used to keep you alive for as long as possible in that state? If not, how would the doctors and/or your loved ones know it and by what authority would the doctors be able to act contrary to their Hippocratic Oath to keep you alive under all circumstances, absent your wishes to the contrary? How would they know to withhold certain types of medications, blood transfusions, etc., and by what authority would they be able to do it? The answer is called a Living Will.

So what if you don't have a terminal illness, end up in an accident and in a coma? Who would be out there to make critical, health-care decisions for you while you were incapacitated and unconscious? It's called a Power of Attorney for Health Care.

Even if you are married, there are still plenty of good reasons why you might want to have a Will. And all of these documents are vitally important for unmarried couples to have in place, especially those with children or those who have been together for a long time and plan on staying together without getting married. I can draft all three of these instruments for you or someone you know for one, low cost of only $350. That fee includes as much consultation as is necessary to perfect every detail that comports with your wishes, and to draft the documents for your execution. I can do this for people in any part of the state quickly and efficiently. The initial consultation is free, so you've got nothing to lose by just calling or e-mailing me about how one or more of these instruments can benefit you and your loved ones!

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