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Here are a few of many print-media articles about me (some provided by clients).

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Click HERE to read a 2013 "City People" article about me by/on Urban Milwaukee Internet magazine.

One of my clients was wrongfully convicted by a jury of arranging the services of a prostitute for his teen-aged son; his unlawful conviction was later reversed by the Court of Appeals (I really hope that some of the people who served on his jury see this someday)!

I helped a controversial Milwaukee tavern owner keep his liquor license in the face of some of the worst neighborhood opposition to a liquor license organized in the city's history!

(A very happy club owner celebrates reopening his establishment after over a year of fighting city hall!)

Defeating the defective criminal complaint described below, I got all the charges of drug dealing dismissed against my client and the other co-defendants (of course, the DA's office reissued them a few days later in a sound complaint).


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